Enter your monthly impressions and cost details, then adjust the “Visto Performance Lift” slider to view how much you can improve the performance of your working media dollars.

Monthly Impressions
Slide to Adjust
Video Imps Display Imps
Video eCPM
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Visto Performance Lift

Campaign Performance

Through Visto’s unified interface, you could save $XXX,XXX by clearly seeing campaign performance and optimizing to the best path to each impression.

Enter the % programmatic platform distribution based on your typical ad spend to see how much you can save on technology fees.

Without Visto With Visto
% Exchange
(must equal 100%)



All Distribution % should add up to exactly 100%

Platform Fees

By optimizing and reallocating across distribution platforms through Visto, you could see your platform fees decrease by 58%.

Enter employee details including the average cost per employee to see how Visto can streamline the execution process and reduce operational costs.

Average Cost per Full Time Employee ($)
# of Platforms
Without VistoWith Visto
# Full Time Employees

Operational Costs

With Visto unifying the entire ad tech stack, you have the opportunity to reduce your operational costs by up to 25%.

See how you could benefit from using the Visto Enterprise Advertising hub to manage all your programmatic media.