Visto™ conducted a study to quantify performance and quality variations across formats, buying platforms and methods. Learnings highlighted that no single platform delivered the best results in every scenario – rather, each platform performed better under different conditions. Differentials between highest and lowest performers for different KPIs include:

  • A 10x improvement in cost per completed view on
  • A 6x difference in vCPM for ads served on
  • A $250,000 higher CPM cost for 100M ad impressions on
  • A 5x difference in cost per click for

Programmatic has become a critical part of many leading brands’ advertising mix, and the technology has evolved apace. But it needs to develop to deliver “omnichannel” advertising. This report uses data collected for “The Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Demand-Side Platforms, Q2 2017” to assess how programmatic buyers are using demand-side platforms (DSPs). Forrester discusses what it means in the context of omnichannel digital media buying and offers advice to B2C marketers, including leveraging partners like Visto for the connective tissue to tie the pieces together when developing omnichannel advertising capabilities in pursuit of customer centricity.

Digital advertising, with its alphabet-soup of technologies, dizzying number of potential partners and seemingly-mile-deep tech stack, is hardly the primrose path to efficiency that we’d hoped. Whereas the journey’s beginnings looked like we were in for a joy ride full of data-driven possibilities, we’re now on a long and winding road, swerving to avoid ad fraud and poor viewability, and we’re never sure how much the tech tax toll really is. And even when we’re able to navigate the twists and turns and avoid the dead ends, the inability to adequately measure performance is like driving without a map. It’s no wonder it’s so hard to find programmatic efficiency.

The Visto Enterprise Ad Hub continues to launch proprietary tools to drive smarter, more effective multi-platform programmatic performance. Multi-Platform Optimization (MPO) provides unified performance and pacing metrics, as well as easy reallocation and optimization of ad spend across search, social, display, mobile, video, native, programmatic TV, from a single screen.  In head to head tests, Visto’s MPO was able to reduce the number of optimization steps vs. using multiple native platforms by 85%.

Brand marketers today are challenged by a web of platforms, technologies, vendors and partners so tangled that nearly half of every dollar spent disappears in the overly-complex media supply chain. And they’ve had enough. Marketers are increasingly standing up against inefficiencies and superfluous costs and demanding solutions that will streamline ad buys and reduce waste. Today’s marketers are calling for transparency and better workflows to drive increased performance and more effective allocation of every ad dollar.

Today’s marketers have gone far beyond retargeting site visitors to build out robust profiles of their prospects, from their social media behavior to their offline routines. They’re even using data about existing customers to help find new ones. With the deluge of data available at every marketer’s fingertips, unifying data across media channels and different parts of the business has never been more important – or seemed more daunting.

Marketers are clamoring for more transparency and accountability, a movement underscored by the ANA’s recent transparency recommendations. While these suggestions may seem to take aim at a marketer’s agencies and vendors, they actually present a unique opportunity to transform the dynamic among agencies, vendors and clients to be more open and, ultimately, more productive together. Instead of merely relying on contract terms, though, a centralized technology platform can play a crucial role in ensuring accountability among partners.

If you’re one of the thousands of marketers running programmatic ad campaigns, you’ve likely evaluated more vendors than you ever imagined. The average programmatic campaign requires more than a dozen partners — across data, workflow, and measurement — to execute successfully. The Visto Enterprise Advertising Hub sits on top of them all. Here’s our handy guide to the major players in the ad tech stack — and the key questions you should ask before making them a part of yours!