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Collective Becomes Visto, Reflecting Company’s Focus on Forward-Thinking Advertising Technology

The new name highlights the company’s focus on developing software and services that bring greater transparency and control to the programmatic ecosystem

NEW YORKOct. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Advertising technology provider Collective today announced its new branding as Visto, a move that follows the successful launch of the company’s flagship Visto™ Enterprise Advertising Hub earlier this year. The new Visto name, accompanying logo, tagline and brand design reflect the company’s technology-driven DNA and a mission that puts transparency at its heart.

Visto’s purpose is to provide enterprises with agnostic solutions and services to connect their programmatic stack, bringing openness and interoperability to the digital media ecosystem and control and visibility into the best path to performance. The Visto Hub provides flexibility and scale while reducing operational inefficiency and bringing much-needed clarity to mitigate unnecessary tech taxes while increasing working media.

Visto’s tagline, “At the Center of Programmatic Media,” reflects the company’s deep understanding of the crowded crossroads of ad stack vendors and its positioning as a forerunner that is bringing better programmatic visibility to media companies, brands and agencies. Offering either software, services or a combination of the two, Visto provides varying levels of support depending on the enterprise need.

Visto addresses the ad industry’s operational inefficiencies and lack of transparency, the cause of billions of dollars in wasted media spend each year, by uniting the entire advertising supply chain into a single, vendor-neutral and user-friendly interface from which an enterprise can buy, manage and analyze all of their campaigns. Visto’s approach enables media companies, brands and agencies to mix, match, test and compare programmatic vendors and metrics. Whether self or managed service, Visto provides comprehensive, all-in-one reporting and visibility into where ad spend is going, brand safety and ad fraud metrics, as well as what campaign components are performing, empowering enterprises to optimize in real time based on those insights.

Gartner notes, “Marketing leaders accountable for advertising results face both new opportunities and an uphill climb. Emerging formats and channels create new avenues of persuasion, using algorithms to optimize for greater efficiency. But digital innovation has shown to be a double-edged sword…Ad tech tools themselves are becoming more sophisticated, as internal and external troves of customer data expand — a complexity compounded by a wide array of data and service providers…Marketers must embrace a smarter process and stronger capabilities to create awareness, desire and trust among their most profitable segments.” (Gartner, Advertising Primer for 2017Martin KihnFebruary 2, 2017).

“We are excited to officially launch Visto, a company with technology-driven DNA a new core product and a mission that puts transparency at its heart,” said Visto CEO Kerry Bianchi. “Visto is dedicated to bringing visibility into digital advertising, satisfying the growing demands of vendors, agencies, media companies and brands alike. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this new era of clarity and control in advertising.”

Collective, which has a history of innovation in advertising technology, currently holds five patents that contribute to Visto’s unique capabilities for classification, tracking, targeting and reporting. The company first debuted self-service-reporting functionality in 2015, followed by self-service campaign execution in 2016. Built as a vendor-neutral platform, the Visto Hub has over 30 integration partnerships and the ability to connect nearly any technology via API. Current clients include: media companies such as Tegna, Viamedia and Hearst; and agencies including Allscope and Swirl.

About Visto
Visto is a technology company dedicated to bringing transparency, interoperability and accountability to digital advertising. The company’s Visto™ Enterprise Advertising Hub is a vendor-agnostic platform that unites the complete ad tech stack in a single user-friendly interface. Brands, media companies and agencies benefit from transparency in managing execution partners, optimizing ad spend, measuring performance and leveraging analytics to drive efficiencies and improve ROI. For more information, contact

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