The Visto Platform

The Visto platform is an all-in-one tool for your programmatic needs. With Visto, you gain complete control and interoperability throughout your advertising technology partners.

Visto Features

The Visto platform offers solutions to unify the programmatic ecosystem and identify the most efficient and effective path to delivery. From a single entry point, you can manage all of your programmatic media technologies, and effortlessly optimize and test new ones. Visto features include:

Too many system logins are required to run and manage a digital ad campaign. Reduce the operational headache of managing multiple systems so you can spend more time and resources on strategy and innovation. The Visto enterprise advertising hub unifies campaign setup, optimization, reporting and analytics processes, eliminating the need to log into multiple UIs.

There is an ever-growing number of vendors and partners, and not enough time or resources to master them all. How do you know which ones to use? Visto is integrated with a diverse group of the most in-demand partners; DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges, Ad Servers, Research Providers, Verification Solutions and more, allowing media buyers to create well-rounded campaigns across different screens, formats, and tactics easily orchestrated from a single Visto seat.

Workflow and trafficking processes can be time-consuming and error-prone given the amount of manual re-entry required to execute across multiple platforms. Visto’s Multi-Platform Ad (MPA) setup tool can reduce ad setup time by 90% over traditional programmatic processes and provides users with the freedom and flexibility of setting up an ad just once, overlaying the ad targeting parameters as desired (screen, format, audience, geography, domains, etc.), picking a verification partner, and selecting multiple media buying platforms and creatives, that can be pushed directly from the Visto UI.

Reallocation and optimization processes can be inefficient and ineffective when working in silo’ed supply platforms to review performance, identify optimization opportunities and redistribute spend. Visto’s Multi-Platform Optimization (MPO) tool helps you compare performance and reallocate ad spend over multiple platforms instantaneously from a single screen across Search, Social, Display, Mobile, Video, Native, etc. channels. The MPO tool provides side by side comparison of platform metrics, simplifying budget reallocation and optimization resulting in significant time savings, fewer human errors and increased ROI opportunities.

Creative tags are complex and each vendor within your ad tech stack – Ad Server, Buying Platforms, Verification Providers, etc. — require different codes to be appended in order for the tag to be compatible with their technologies. With the addition of each vendor’s code, the tag becomes more and more complex, creating more opportunity for it to break. Visto’s unified creative management system modifies the creative tag to incorporate 3rd party tracking codes, along with all required codes from each vendor within your designated ad tech stack, seamlessly and automatically making it compatible with each platform.

Opaqueness in the programmatic media industry has become the norm for too many years. The actual costs of automation and “tech taxes” are rarely disclosed, ad fraud monitoring isn’t taken seriously enough and ad buying decisions about your working media are difficult to see. Visto provides 24/7 access to real-time, transparent reports providing clear metrics across cost, audiences, quality, delivery, discrepancies and performance of every campaign, leading to a better line of sight into the decisions being made for each ad delivered.

There are too many fragmented solutions that do not work together or share insights. Visto creates lines of communication between all of your ad tech stack partners so that information can be shared easily across your organization and exchanged across platforms. Visto’s integrations with Ad Servers, Execution Partners, Data Management Providers, and more, ensure log level data inclusive of delivery, performance and audience data can be tracked, aggregated and measured seamlessly for campaign management and reconciliation. Leverage our many pre-built reports or build and generate custom reports yourself using our Report Builder tool.

Billing and reconciliation teams have tough and time-consuming jobs, compiling hundreds of reports from separate vendors used for each campaign and relying on report numbers that are often discrepant or inaccurate. Visto’s billing reconciliation tool allows managers to accurately track and reconcile costs in one place for fast and accurate financial processes. The Visto billing reports unify and aggregate advertising related expenses from different vendors as well as contracted and expected costs for easy comparison so that vendor invoices can be verified and client bills can be generated quickly.

Client Success

Professional Services

  • We offer an array of services to ensure your teams have ample tools, instruction and support to successfully operate your license on the Visto platform. A combination of in-person and virtual resources are available, offering around the clock support through our Help Center portal.

    • Platform Training
    • Technical Support
    • 24/7 Help Center
    • Client Support Service

Platform Services

  • Advertising hub support is offered from the platform implementation through to delivering ROI on your programmatic goals. Visto platform services range from basic seat configurations to contractual engagements for more extensive platform customization.

    • Initial Setup
    • Partner Configuration and Testing
    • Individual Platform Integration Facilitation
    • Ongoing Custom Development


    Are you a partner interested in integrating your technology into the Visto hub? Are there supply partners you need that are not listed? Connect with our Partnership team today at!