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Collective Becomes Visto, Sharpens Programmatic, Data Focus

Data Focus by Laurie Sullivan @lauriesullivan, November 3, 2017

Collective has rebranded and taken the first name of its flagship product called Visto Enterprise Advertising Hub. After 11 years, the new name of Visto and accompanying logo, tagline and brand design reflect the company’s passion for transparency to support brands through programmatic and data.

More than a rebrand, the name reflects on a series of new services in the works. In 2018, Visto will work toward building out the company’s partner network in mobile, display, native, and programmatic TV, with the ability to manage all from one license. The company also will build out its analytics offerings.

The rebrand is more closely related to a maturing tech industry, said Visto CEO Kerry Bianchi. “When we started as Collective it was more mobile, and video and display,” she said.

In Italian, Visto means “to see,” as in seeing with your eyes, Bianchi said. “To see what’s happening underneath the hood, transparency into the decisions being made, transparency into viewabliity and ad fraud, and see everything from one place or dashboard,” she said.

The company now has two business units: Visto Services and Visto Software. The service business unit is responsible for training and onboarding for self-service clients, education and though leadership seminars on topics like programmatic, or facilitating the integration into the brand’s DMP partner or other technology partners.

The software business unit offers workflow and execution, as well as analytics and reporting technology and licenses.

Originally Published in MediaPost – DigitalNews Daily