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Ad Tech Fragmentation: A Marketer’s Worst Nightmare

One look at the infamous LUMA slide tells an epic story of a fragmented ad tech industry. There are hundreds of logos crammed onto a single 8.5 x 11-inch sheet. It’s downright intimidating, and I can’t blame anyone who feels ambivalent about investing in digital media.

Media fragmentation caused the advertising industry to splinter in response. The landscape is brimming with players offering a single solution for every minute challenge along the customers’ path to purchase. Holistic solutions are nowhere to be found – unless a marketer is willing to hand the keys over to Adobe, IBM or the like.

Whether you’re tinkering with your own solution or hoping that a premade stack performs as promised, transparency is nowhere to be found. In the hope of winning your business, all players are putting their best faces forward, and trying their best to airbrush the warts.

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